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Capel, Jeff


Capel, Jeff

Height:  6' 5"  Weight:  195 Born:  01/01/80
       Guard                               Number:  0
Hometown:Fayetteville, NC
Major: Undeclared

     G   GS  MIN AVG   FG    OF    %   3P  OF   %     FT  OF    %    REB AVG
                                       ASS  TO  BS  ST DNK CHR  PF  TP  AVG
    34   28  899 26.4 109-238    45.8   32-76   42.1   42-64   65.6   93  2.7

                                       108  68   3  21  11   4  64  292  8.6

     34  28  899 26.4   109-238  45.8    32-76  42.1    42-64  65.6   93  2.7

                                       108  68   3  21  11   4  64  292  8.6
   Capel, Jeff

    All-Southeast Regional


Contributed comments:

From: Brian Danker
I love Duke baasketball and Jeff Capel. But how could he be born 1/1/80 he would be only 17. Brian Danker

From: Shelley Pavlovec
Email: Pavlovec
Just wanted to wish you luck in the tourament and hope to make it to the final four.

From: Curtis Gardner
Email: Flea919@aol
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From: Ron McZorn
Jeff Capel couldn't have been born in 1980. I'm originally from Southern Pines, N.C. and I played pick up games against Jeff Capel's dad, Jeff Capel Sr. (who is currently the head coach at Old Dominion Univ.) Jeff Capel Sr. was a heck of a player himself. He led our high school to the state title.

From: Kehaulani Jeffers AKA pinky Pooh
Email: http:/
I think that Jeff Capel is a great guard and an outstanding Blue Devil Basketball player! I hope to see more of him in the NBA Oh sorry! I'm from hawaii and am a big Blue Devils fan!!! I hope that there will be more Jeff Capel in years to come. P.s. How can his birthdate be 01/01/80?

From: Natalie
Email: Flea919@aol
I love you Jeff!! Are you married?

From: Jessica Ruddell
Hi Jeff, member me from the Olympia camp? I sent you that letter and I hope you mail me back soon. All these people seem to be on the right track. For everyone elses sake I have played with Jeff and he is one heck of a player!! I guess I'm not your only BIG fan. Hope you email me back or something. You owe me a letter now too....did u get it? Love Ya, *Jessica*

From: Jessica Ryan
Hey did you email anyone! If you would write on your page here. I've written to you before but ya never wrote back. You kick ass and there's no reason why you shouldn't have gotten drafted. Much love from your crazy fans!

From: Lorraine Cocchio-Capel
Jeff, I'm doing some research into my husband's family and came across your name...could you tell me a little about your family background? My husband's family originated in England. We live just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. If you could e-mail back any info, it would be interesting to see if there is a tie to this Capel family. Thanks!! Lorraine

From: Just a girl
I think he ws born in '75.

From: Robbie Hubbard
Hey Jeff, I don't know if you check this or not. But, anyway, I just wanted to say good luck with the new job. Hope you enjoy it alot. E-mail me I still keep up with Heath Mcdonald pretty good, and I saw Sean Faircloth a couple of weeks ago. Hey, you still remember that video tape from Senior day on the Football field? I still have it. ,,,"Hey Jeff, where you going?" "Duke" "And what are you going to do?" "Dunk on E--- ------ss" Yep, still got it.

From: Arri
Congrates to Jeff on the new head coaching job!

From: Jeff capel
I just wanted to thank everyone for your support and well wishes. Feel free to email me at anytime at

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