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NCAA 1992 Final-Michigan


     NCAA 1992 Final - Michigan

     This would be the last game between Duke and its final goal 
another NCAA Crown.  Could the team that had been ranked #1 at 
the beginning of the year, never leaving that spot in the polls, 
and questioned by the media as to their place in history,  have 
enough left to win just one more.   It was to be a game 
against an incredibly successful and talent personified young 
team, the Michigan Wolverine led by the 5 starting freshmen.  
History was to be written no matter what the outcome.  That five 
freshman would be leading a team to the championship game 
certainly would go down in history especially if they took the 
crown.  They had been beaten in overtime by Duke and were ready 
for another meeting.  Duke though had its own agenda, not so much to 
beat Michigan but to win another NCAA Championship.  
     That Duke was only down by a point at half time was hard to 
believe.  Laettner had just had his worst half of the year.  
Michigan could be credited with doing a good job of defending 
against him, but he looked more like he was running on empty.  
Grant Hill said "Coach just challenged us at halftime to play 
better." And that they did.  Hurley who had been carrying a big 
load got Laettner back into the game at the start of the half.  
The rest of the team responded and the 1992 NCAA Crown would be 
theirs again. Duke had made history.  Not since UCLA won seven 
straight championships from 1967-73, had another team won back to 
back. The 1991-92 Duke Basketball team started the season #1 and 
finished the season #1.  CONGRATULATIONS!
        Michigan NCAA 1992 1st half
        Michigan NCAA 1992 2nd half