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Assistant Coaches & Trainers


   Assistant Coaches & Trainers

       Mike Brey 1987-present
       Tommy Amaker 1988-present
       Pete Gaudet 1983-present
       Dave Engelhardt  1991-present
       Sonny Falcone 1980-present
       Bob Bender 1983-89
       Scott Easton 1986-87
       Chuck Swenson 1980-86
       Tom Rogers 1980-87
       Bobby Dwyer 1974-83 
       Rick (Slick) Johnson 1980-81
       Bob Wenzel 1974-80
       Steve Steinwedel 1979-80
       Terry Chili 1978-79.
       Tony Drago 1953

    In memoriam 

       Max Crowder 1966-1992